Grass Mowing Season

Grass Mowing Season

A friendly reminder of a few things as the grass mowing season is certainly upon us.

grass leaf pileVillage Crews do not pick up bagged, or piled grass clippings. Residents who wish to collect their grass clippings may take them to the grass/compost pile at the end of Utility Drive past the Water Plant. You'll see signs where to dump. Please no plastic bags as they gum up the machines that grind the compost.

Grass ClippingsDO NOT blow grass on to the street. This causes all sorts of problems, not only a safety hazard to motorists, those riding motorcycles and/or bikes (pedal or other motorized); but grass clippings will eventually find their way to storm drains, and will plug them up, or will get caught in the pipes that carry the storm water away. These grass clippings are worse the leaves in that they pack down and become nearly like concrete, and after time reduces the capacity and flow of the storm sewers. This causes more maintenance, and eventual costs to the Village Residents as then we have to clean storm sewers out more frequently.

Village Crews will pick up tree limbs that have fallen from wind/storms. Or small collections of pruned trees. However, if you choose to cut down a large tree and expect the branches and trunk to be hauled away by the Village, sorry not us.

brush pileThe Village brush pile is located off of Progressive Drive, past the Water tower down the stone lane. Please no plastic bags.

mulchWe also have mulch still available, help yourself to all that you want and need. If you need a bunch, we can arrange an appointed time to meet you there with the town tractor and load you.

Thank you for everyone's cooperation and understanding of these few simple requests. It makes for a better Village, keeps costs down, and maintains our streets for a nice look as visitors come to town.

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