Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant Flushing

MONDAY 10/1/2018 AND TUESDAY 10/2/2018

Residents are encouraged to use smaller amounts of water during the morning hours, starting approx. 8:00 AM and concluding approx. 2:00 PM. Should your water become dirty during or after the flushing period, you should run your water longer to rid the lines of this excess accumulation. Check your water before doing laundry.


MON. 10/1

Residents of E. Canal St. and ALL Hydrants East to Otto St. Including Bendele St. Residents of W. Canal St. and ALL hydrants West to Auglaize St. including Walnut St., Wayne St., Sunset Dr., Westwood Dr., Red Maple Court, Linden Lane, also - residents West of The Little Auglaize River including Ottoville School and Douglas Drive.

TUES. 10/2

Residents of Winkelman St. and ALL hydrants East to Wall St. including East St., Albert Dr., Evelyn Dr., Miller Dr., and Progressive Dr.

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